1934 photoFounded by Kyutaro Okamoto
1948 “Okamoto Hosiery Company ” established
1974 Name changed to “Okamoto Corporation ”
1981 Computer-controlled pile socks knitting machine developed
1994 photoOkamoto Hosiery (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. established in China
1997 Tetsuji Okamoto appointed as president
1999 photoOkamoto Textile(Thailand) Company Limited established in Thailand
2000 Acquired first ISO9001 certification for a domestic company in the socks industry
2002 photo“moisok” original brand begun to be deployed in dedicated product corners in shops
2003 “soeru” original brand direct sales shops opening in Shanghai
Business support provided to Blondoll Co., Ltd. and the company is made a group company
2004 photo“SUPER SOX” sales launched nationwide
2005 Okamoto Textile(Thailand) Company Limited acquires ISO14001 certification
Okamoto International Co.Ltd. Established
2007 Okamoto USA Inc. established in New York

2008 Okamoto America Holding Corp. established in New York
Okamoto Corporation acquires Royce company management rights
2010 Headquarters relocated from Koryo-cho, Nara Prefecture to Nishi-ku, Osaka City
Rotary knitting machines awarded Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Kansai Branch Technology Award
SUPER SOX used as clothing onboard “ Discovery“ Space Shuttle
2011 Okamoto USA Inc. merged with Okamoto America Holding Corp.
2012 Royce Too LLC headquarters relocated from New York City to Winston-Salem, North Carolina
2013 Blondoll Co., Ltd. headquarters relocated from Harajuku to Shibuya