okamoto MEDICAL


okamoto MEDICAL features

Sizes set according to Japanese sizes
Original knitting technology


MEDICAL SOCKSMedical elastic stockings

This product is based on the Segal theory, using a graduated compression design that supports venous flow back to the heart from the lower limbs.
Wearing these elastic stockings puts compression on deep veins, which return blood to the heart, from both the elastic stockings and the muscles, reinforcing muscle pumping action.


1. Scrupulous design

While incorporating the features of ordinary elastic stockings, these products also provide an added value that takes into account actual usage of patients and in the field.

The center line was developed based on opinions from the medical field

Adding the centerline and heel mark allows wearer to see at a glance that they are wearing the product correctly. This also allows for easy verification at a glance that the products are worn correctly when put on by someone other than the person wearing the product. This allows for the products to be worn in the optimal conditions.

Comfortable breathability

These products use larger stitching than normal elastic stockings. This is in consideration for breathability, to allow for as much comfort when wearing as possible.

2. Offered in a wide range of sizes suited to Japanese sizes

Size ranges are set based on collected statistics

Okamoto Corporation collects data related to the legs and feet on a daily basis in order to allow us to develop more comfortable socks. In order to set sizes that suit a large number of this people for this product, we set the size progression range based on the data of 3600 individuals in our own company data and data from HQL (Research Institute of Human Engineering for Quality Life).

3. Thorough assurance of “a fit perfectly suited to the feet and legs”

As a Japanese legwear manufacturer, Okamoto Corporation possess its own R&D department (Research and Development) and works every day to create new value for our customers. For this product, by forming each single knit of these products to suit the legs of Japanese wearers on our originally developed SSCM sock knitting machine, we are able to provide a thorough fit comfort.

figScrupulous preferences about fit when putting on and taking off the products

We adjust the pressure of the sections of the products which require compression using our originally developed SSCM sock knitting machine. This knitting machine allows for us to make the stiches larger where flexibility is required and smaller where compression is required, providing a well-fitting but flexible product. The products are designed to be easy to wear and easy to remove.