Knitting Machine Development

SSCM (Single Stich Control Machine)

A revolutionary knitting machine that allows for adjustment of each and every individual stitch


In conventional knitting machines up until now, it was not possible to change the size of stitching or adjust stitching in stages until the machine completed 1 full cycle. The SSCM developed by Okamoto Corporation allows for the size of each individual stitch to be changed on-demand. This functionality, which allows for the size of each stitch to be changed, makes it possible to adjust a wide range of compressions and detailed patterns.


Multi-pile knitting machine


A highly versatile knitting machine which allows for on-demand adjustment of pile height

Multi-pile (Multi-layered height pile) is a machine which allows for inclusion of high pile, low pile and no pile on-demand and where desired into a single piece of fabric. Because the machine allows for the height of the pile to be changed as needed, the fabric created can be given a variety of properties including design, cushioning and ventilation.


Combining design pile and mesh to form contoured ventilation lines maintains airways for breathability. Walking causes these ventilation lines to function and helps to reduce stuffiness. In addition, pile knitting is used on the sole at a height optimal for walking, to provide an appropriate amount of thickness with no excess or waste which helps support foot comfort during exercise and physical activity.