Product Development

Okamoto Corporation is tackling valuable product development every day based on the marketing way of thinking for customer’s satisfaction.

Socks incorporating spiral compression effects

These socks help relieve fatigue and swelling in a variety of situations. The socks provide the strongest compression on the feet themselves, with pressure gradually decreasing in order from the ankle to the calf. The compression areas are specially designed not to impede the flow of venous blood or lymph fluid.


We have developed products which in addition to the above properties, further reduce swelling and odor through the use of Okamoto’s original developed “BREATHE FIBER” material.


A product we are truly proud of!

When turning the design idea into the sock shape, several times we completely remade the detailed areas.

Socks that maintain foot function and ease pain

We consulted with doctors about what people hospitalized for illness, injury or childbirth and those undergoing rehabilitation were concerned with and what functions and features they wanted and developed socks which were easy to use and functional while not excessively burdening the skin, muscles or bones. We also developed elastic sleeves with the same functions and features.


Try to solve foot concerns of people!

The feet are an indispensable means of locomotion and an unsung hero that provide us with support every day. Accordingly, the feet suffer from a variety of burdens, and there are many people with foot trouble concerns. We carry out development every day aimed creating products that can make these people so happy.

Socks that support movement and lessen fatigue

figWe develop socks with structures which support muscles and bone when participating in sports, walking or other activity, increase exercise effectiveness and prevent injuries as well as socks which help reduce fatigue for those who work on their feet.

Many people tend to be overlooked, but socks actually play a major role when moving the body. There is no doubt that including functionality in socks, which come into direct contact with the skin of the feet, can increase exercise effectiveness! This is the type of research we have spent many years carrying out.
Socks which apply Oriental medicine to help improve health problems (chills, decreased organ function, etc.)

We have developed a sock that is able to use specially developed materials to stimulate the 6 acupuncture points of the Spleen Meridian of Foot-Taiyin on the foot for women who suffer for chills and coldness in the lower limbs. These socks improve not only chills and coldness in the toes and ankles, but also the fingertips, lower back and subjective chills all over the body and the continued effects of the socks have been tested and proven.

The human body possesses an ability in which the body attempts to naturally regulate itself (natural healing ability). In order to enhance this ability, we have incorporated ideas from Oriental medicine, and by stimulating the acupressure points, and we hope to be able to improve health problems people face every day without use of medicine… This is the thought that drives us to continue facing our challenges.
Socks that provide support for walking in water and improve exercise effectiveness

Water exercise socks which improve dieting effectiveness without extending exercise time by improving the effectiveness of exercise in pools by increasing the effort and grip of the feet. For walking in water, we focused on opinions that “the pool floor is slippery making it difficult to walk effectively” and applied our sewing technologies to develop this product.


We repeatedly carried out verification of the mechanism of walking in the water without slipping as well as selection and testing of the material for preventing slipping underwater, and created a product with an optimal design for water walking. We feel our efforts have been truly rewarded when after sales we receive comments that users can now walk faster in water and don’t slip.

Waterproof oversocks (for fishing)

Ther is a variety of severe environments including summer heat, extreme cold, strong wind and underwater. We began development starting with functionality for protecting the body from the most familiar of these, “lowered body temperature resulting from getting wet”, which in severe cases can be life-threatening. By fusing together our originally developed material consisting of a combination of a base material with polyurethane film laminate with specialized sealing technologies, we have achieved both waterproof but breathable and stretchable material, and then completed a high warmth retaining product by further including protection against the wind. The permeability allows for humidity to escape, so there is very little of the excessive stuffiness or moisture so common in waterproof products. The ability of these socks to be waterproof without worry of the “chilling of the feet which comes from stuffiness and clamminess” and “getting wet from sudden changes in weather” allows users to comfortably enjoy fishing in warmth for longer periods of time even in the cold winter. These socks can of course also be used in a variety of other ordinary situations including skiing, snowboarding, and as a measure against sudden rain while hiking.

We struggled with the required functionality and selection of materials, however we have succeeded in creating a product that provides a comfortable environment not available from other waterproof socks. The socks are also as thin as possible to allow for portability. Coldness and wetness of the feet can, in times of disaster, often prove fatal, so these socks are also strongly recommended as disaster preparation goods.