Production Facilities

Nara Factory (Japan)

Location 150-1 Otsuka, Koryo Cho, Kitakatsuragi Gun, Nara, Japan
Founded 1971

Okamoto Hosiery (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

Location West of Renmin Road, Yangshe Town, Jiangsu, China
Founded 1995


Location 126 Moo 5, Sahapat. Industrial Park,
Suwanasorn Road, Kabinburi,
Prachinburi, Thailand
Founded 1999


65 years of love from our customers, a continual buildup of trust!


We carry out production using world-leading skills and technologies.

At our Nara factory workers carrying out production possess the highest technological levels in the world holding the “Knitting Product Manufacturing Certified Technician ” national standard and Okamoto’s own “Okamoto Leg Knitting Technician Examination ” certifications. The “Okamoto Leg Knitting Technician Examination ” is Okamoto’s own original, internal certification, however we are confident that this is the most difficult knitting technician test in the world that certifies “possession of world-leading skills” in sock knitting technologies. The technicians who possess this certification are world-leading producers who possess sock knitting skills are a match for those of anywhere else in the world.


These technicians carry out rigorous instruction of technicians at our factories in Thailand and China to maintain the highest level of production.


We carry out thorough management to ensure we provide customers with products and services they can trust.

phtWe have automated many processes at our Nara Factory and carry out thorough process and quality management.



We are also supported by part time workers who have continued to work with us for many years.

There are many part time workers who have been with us for many years at our Nara Factory, with some having worked for us for over 20 years. These individuals provide us with the support that allows us to maintain our high quality production.

photoI have worked here for 9 years. I always aim to ensure I can provide the best products every day. photoWe have worked here for 25 and 29 years continuously! We carry out our work producing socks with pride!