Social Responsibility

Okamoto Corporation participates in activities based on its company philosophy to “Continue to contribute to society through the business while working towards the prosperity of the business and the happiness of its employees”. We seek to coexist with society, to continue to provide excitement and to grow, and to aim for an affluent society and a better future.

Implementation of Cotton Harvesting Experience

Since 2009, Okamoto Corporation has carried out cotton harvesting experiences aimed at local elementary students at the pesticide and chemical fertilizer free cotton fields owned by the Nara Office. For the children, who do not often see cotton plants during their daily lives, this event is held during the cotton harvesting season as an opportunity to learn about the process by which thread is made. In addition, because we also want people to learn about the sock industry, which is a major local industry for Koryo Cho, we also hold tours of the sock manufacturing factories and study sessions related to Yamato cotton and socks.


Unicef Support Activities

Unicef carries out a variety of support activities for protecting the lives of children and ensuring their healthy growth. Okamoto Corporation has provided socks in cooperation with the Unicef Charity Bazaar since 2012. The bazaar’s profits are used for support activities for the children who are the future, in over 150 countries through the Japan Committee for UNICEF.


Supply of Sewing Waste

In the sock manufacturing process, when the toe section of the socks are sewn, sewing waste is produced. This sewing waste can be used as a material for handicrafts, and used to create seat cushions, mats and a variety of other goods. This sewing waste is provided to commerce associations and elderly groups in Koryo Cho, Nara Prefecture where Okamoto Corporation’s head office is located, and used for a variety of entertainment and training for recovery of hand and finger function.