Basic Research

Physiological foot research (heat and perspiration)

We have found that there are mainly 2 types of foot perspiration.

Psychological perspiration

Perspiration which occurs as a result of nervousness or similar causes. This type of perspiration occurs only on the sole of the foot and the palms of the hands and is unrelated to the ambient temperature.

Thermal perspiration

Perspiration which occurs when it is hot.

figWe have clarified the differences in perspiration phenomena for different areas of the foot through direct observation utilizing microscopes.
figPerspiration phenomena observation
figMeasurement of the number of sweat pores
figMeasurement of the number of active sweat glands

Morphologic research

fig Measurement of children’s feet

This research measures the morphology of feet for variety of ages and genders and utilizes the results in the development of socks. We are working to ensure thorough measurement of the feet of senior citizens as well, in order to reliably deal with the increasing elderly population composition ratio.


Evaluative measurement

Measurement of the environment inside socks during exercise

We carry out measurement and evaluation of the changes in temperature and humidity inside of socks and shoes during actual wearing, walking and other use.  

In-clothing simulator testing

We carry out testing of materials under various air circulation and skin temperature conditions. For example, a simulation of the environment inside a shoe during the summer when wearing a specific material.