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Development of the knitting machine

SSCM (single stitch control machine)

Glance, innovative knitting machine that can adjust the glance of stitches

Until Ru one round knitting machine up to now, can not change the size of the stitches, you could only adjust the step-by-step stitches.
SSCM that Okamoto Co., Ltd. has developed (single stitch control machine) is, a glance, it is possible to change freely the size of a glance. With this feature, it is now possible to achieve a variety of Chaku圧設 meter or a fine pattern.

Multi-pile knitting machine

Any adjustable versatile knitting machine the height of the pile

The multi-pile (multi-stage high and low pile), is a machine that can be placed in any position without the high pile ① low pile ② pile ③ in a single fabric.
Since optionally it is possible to change the height of the pile, design to fabric, cushioning, you can have a such as breathability.

Combining design pile and mesh, ensuring the passage of air by creating a ventilation line of the concavo-convex structure. Prompted the ventilation effect of walking, you can reduce the stuffiness. In addition, the pile knitting of height suitable to the movement of the foot placed on the sole, and comfortably support the feet during exercise in futility without appropriate thickness.

SOCKS SUPPLEMENT Development Story

Support the day-to-day health and beauty from the feet taking advantage of the knowledge and technical skills of the general medical device manufacturing


Taking advantage of the knowledge and technical skills of the general medical device manufacturing
Support the day-to-day health and beauty from the feet

"SOCKS SUPPLEMENT" is a sock series to support women's beauty and health. "From the feet, that nice little" to the concept, as a functional legwear brand, which was nestled in trouble feet, began selling from 2015.

Such as "edema", "cold", "tired", "smell", people are having trouble is that a lot was an opportunity of development. Cuddled in the trouble of the foot, from the thought that I could eliminate even a little socks, taking advantage of the general medical equipment knowledge and technology, which has been cultivated in the manufacturing, started and Let's make the series to think that good for the body from the feet.

Was the first to note, it was also referred to as a second heart "calf". The R & D department, developed to improve blood circulation to support calf function, a dedicated knitting machine can knit change freely the size of glance glance stitches. Arch, ankle, has created a "spiral arrival pressure " spiral of tightening the calf in exquisite balance.

"By arranging the feet in everyday life, I want to lead the mind and body to the beautiful state in good health". The thought fulfilled the functionality of leg wear brand "SOCKS SUPPLEMENT" is now to be deployed calf from the toe, the item that you want to care for the entire leg in the series.

※ Patent No. 5721972