TOPThe handling of personal information

The handling of personal information

Ⅰ. Protection of personal information policy

Okamoto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), along with the protection of the personal information is the basis of our business activities, based on the protection policy for the following personal information, we will endeavor to strict operation and management.

  1. 1. [Observance of laws and regulations]
    The Company, in compliance with laws and regulations and other standards ethics regarding personal information, carried out from time to time necessary review, carried out continuous improvement, make appropriate and corporate activities with a good sense.
  2. 2. [In-house systems for personal information]
    The Company established the management regulations on the protection of personal information, handle define the information management officer in each department are, and thoroughly to the original all employees of the instructions of the management responsible.
  3. 3. [How to get personal information]
    The Company, when the collection of personal information, clearly the purpose of collection, and shall be carried out by legal and proper way. Also, in the collection, it will shall be made within the scope of the pre-consent and the resulting collection purposes.
  4. 4. [Use of personal information, provide, disclosure]
    The Company, and manage your personal information entrusted to us in an appropriate manner, except for example, to the provisions of the laws and regulations, does not have be disclosed or provided to customers without the permission of a third party.
  5. 5. [Outsourcing of personal information]
    We are, if you entrust your personal information that has been entrusted to us, the original under strict management, there is a thing that I am allowed to entrust with the required minimum of the range to the business.
  6. 6. [Storage of personal information]
    The Company, strictly manage your personal information entrusted to us, unauthorized access, loss, destruction, we will shall endeavor to prevent such tampering and leakage.
  7. 7. [Confirmation of personal information, modify, stop use]
    The Company, confirmation of personal information, modify, in case you wish to delete, etc., it will be promptly addressed in a reasonable range.
February 1, 2010
Okamoto Corporation.
President & CEO
Tetsuji Okamoto

Ⅱ. Protection for information assets and management policy

Okamoto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), based on the management philosophy and motto, always continue to provide safety and security services, in order to ensure the safety of the transaction as a company that is trusted by our customers, our information regardless of the asset to the distinction between deliberately or accidentally, it will be carried out control measures to protect against tampering, destruction, leakage and the like.

  1. 1. [Fulfill corporate social responsibility]
    It reliably protects the information assets, in order to ensure the provision of sustainable and stable service, and implement appropriate information security measures.
  2. 2. [Observance of laws and regulations]
    The Company has established laws, regulations, internal regulations that conform, conform to other regulations related to information security, and to comply with our officers, employees.
  3. 3. [Education and training]
    We recognize the importance of information assets to management and employees, and regularly conducts information security education and training to make proper use.
  4. 4. [Ensure business continuity]
    If the Company is that of the problem on the security in the unlikely event information assets has occurred, the cause quickly investigate, you strive to minimize the damage.
  5. 5. [audit]
    We regularly audit the management system of information security, we will strive for continuous improvement.
February 1, 2010
Okamoto Corporation.
President & CEO
Tetsuji Okamoto

Ⅲ. Purpose / anonymity processing information of personal information

Ⅲ-1. Use of personal information

We manufacture wholesale sale of various types of leg wear (men's, women's and children's socks, pantyhose, tights, related products using knitting technology), in other business activities, we will use personal information for the following purposes. If you provide personal information about individual products and services from our customers, and clearly the purpose of the pre-personal information. Personal information you provide will be used within the scope of its intended use. Beyond the scope of the explicit purpose of use, if you need to use your personal information occurs, the customer to contact you to that effect, and available on which you receive your consent.

  1. 1. [Personal information about you]
    • Goods, shipping of the prize
    • Sending the guidance of products, services and entertainment
    • Provide products support and maintenance
    • Responding to inquiries and inquiries
    • Provide a variety of subscription services
    • Product development, questionnaire survey, monitor implementation, the request of post-marketing surveillance, and the like, and implementation
    • Marketing research and analysis
    • Lottery of the campaign
  2. 2. [Personal information about shareholders]
    • Fulfillment of exercise and obligations of rights under the law
    • Provision of various types of convenience
    • Shareholder management based on laws and regulations (shareholder data creation, etc.)
  3. 3. [Our suppliers companies, personal information about people, such as executives and employees of other companies]
    • Business necessary for various communication and negotiation, etc.
    • Customer information management, payment and revenue processing
    • Contract management business of the Company
  4. 4. [Personal information entrusted from our suppliers]
    • Fulfillment of the contract on consignment business
  5. 5. [Personal information about applicants for employment]
    • Provision and communication, such as adoption of information to applicants for employment (including internship)
    • Review and determination of adoption, consideration and decision of the adoption of conditions
    • Adopt business management of the Company
  6. 6. [Personal information about employees, etc.]
    • For business communication
    • Employment personnel management, the creation of employee roster, grasp of human resources, the determination of the assigned destination in charge duties, training and capacity ⼒ development, Noboru demotion, health management, ensure proper working conditions, leave, etc., working hours management, disaster etc. emergency response of, for other employment management
    • Decision such as salaries and severance payments, payment of salaries and severance payments and settlement payments, the provision of welfare, withholding procedures, procedures of social insurance relations, visa acquisition procedures, for other laws necessary for various procedures
    • Decision such as (family, relatives of the information) salary, withholding procedures, childcare and family care leave, etc., benefits, procedures such as employment management of social insurance relations, visa acquisition procedures, for other laws necessary for various procedures ※ employees a, say the directors, auditors, full-time, contract employees, friends employees, part-time, temporary employees.
    • For creating company newsletters
  7. 7. [Personal information about retirees]
    Various personnel data creation, for communication, etc. after retirement

Ⅲ-2. Anonymous processing information

The Company, the personal information entrusted to us by our customers, and anonymous processed by the Personal Information Protection Committee predetermined method, there is a case to be used. Personal information to be used in this case, is the following items. Purchase history (product name, purchase amount and purchase price and purchase date)

  • Purchase history (product name, amount purchased, purchase amount, date of purchase)
  • Residential areas
  • phone number

Ⅳ. Guidance on the procedures for disclosure of personal information, such as billing

Okamoto Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"), the Personal Information Protection Act (hereinafter referred to as the "Law") about your request for disclosure of personal information that is based on, we have established a procedure as follows: .

  1. 1. The Company, customers who request a disclosure of personal information, the corresponding ① invoices and ② with if you submit the identification documents, will be required to pay the ③ commission.

    1. (1) bill of disclosure, etc.

      "Disclosure of personal information, such as invoice" (download from here)

    2. (2) identification document

      Any one point ① from the following documents
      ・driver's license copy of (both sides)
      Any two points ② from the following documents
      ・Copy of health insurance card
      ・Copy of the pension book
      ・residence of the original
      ・Seal certificate of the original

    3. (3) If you are a claim by proxy, please submit the following documents.

      ・ For any agent
      <For the agency confirmed>
      • The Company prescribed power of attorney (download from here)
      ・the person of the seal registration certificate original (within 3 months from the issue)
      <For the identification of the agent>
      ・personal identification documents of attorney (above ①, please refer to ②)
      ・In the case of legal representative
      <For the agency confirmed>
      As a document proving the existence of a legal agency, one copy from one of the following:
      • If the parental authority: the base paper of the family register of applicant (person)
      • If the parental authority: a copy of the health insurance card that dependents have been described
      • If the guardian: the guardianship registration of registered matters certificate paper
      • If the guardian: a copy of the appointment decision of the court
      <For the identification of the agent>
      ・personal identification documents of attorney (above ①, please refer to ②)

    4. (4) Fees

      ①If you use is the purpose notification of claims and ② disclosure claims, as a commission, you will need to pay 1,000 yen (including tax) to the Company. Should you need to mail a bill, please enclose a same amount of straight-line money order certificate (commission will be borne by the customer). It should be noted, it is free for claims such as claims and ④ suspension of use of ③ correction, etc..

  2. 2. Billing

    Requests for disclosure, etc., to the following address, please mail on the enclosed the required documents. Costs to the mailing will be borne by the customer. And the offer verbally by telephone and visit us, FAX, because you can not accept is the offer by e-mail, please note.

    150-1 Oaza Otsuka,
    Koryo-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gun,
    Okamoto Corporation Affairs Department personal representatives

  3. 3. Flow, how to answer to the corresponding

    (1) acceptance and confirmation

    The dossier was submitted to us (including commission), we will check if there are any deficiencies, lack.

    (2) information confirmation of the existence of the possession department

    The department that hold personal information that is the subject of claims, we will verify the presence or absence of personal information.

    (3) answer in writing, correction, etc., suspension, etc. procedures

    ※ answer to the claim by an agent, it will be the subject's personal information (personal) addressed.

  4. 4. important point

    (1) If the acceptance is not possible

    - identification, proxy identity if the check can not be of
    · If you can not substitute the right of confirmation
    • If the commission is insufficient
    If there is a deficiency in, the required documents

    (2) If the answer can not be
    <If you can not support>

    • If there was personal information of the claim can not be confirmed to be in the Company's retained personal data

    <It does not notify the purpose of use, if you do not perform>

    • when the purpose of the notification request has been made, if the purpose is clear
    • The purpose notify the person, or the person or a third party of life by the public, the body, the property if there is a risk of prejudice to the other rights and interests
    • The purpose notify the person, or if there is a risk that harm our rights or legitimate interests by publishing
    • If the country of institutions or local governments are required to ⼒ cooperation against possible to carry out the affairs specified by law, interfere with the performance of the office by notify the purpose of use to himself, or to publish when there is likely to cause

    <If you do not want to disclose, can not>

    - or a third person of life, body, property when there is a risk of prejudice to the other rights and interests
    • If there is likely to cause significant hindrance to the proper implementation of our business
    • And other if the disclosure by law is limited

  5. 5. Purpose of the acquired personal information with respect to requests for disclosure, etc.

    Personal way in which we acquired with respect to requests for disclosure, etc., search for the proceedings, the confirmation of the principal-agent, charged of the commission, will be used for the answer and response to the request for disclosure.

  6. 6. Handling complaints of the offer destination related to personal information (Act 27 Paragraph 1 No. 4, Decree Article 5)

    150-1 Oaza Otsuka, Koryo-cho,
    Kitakatsuragi-gun, Nara,
    Okamoto Corporation Affairs Department personal representatives