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Breeze fiber

Okamoto In the questionnaire that "What? Be anxious to wearing a long period of time shoes," was Tsu ⾏, Inc.,
"stuffiness", "smell" was occupied the top.
In order to solve this problem, review the socks from the material,
we have independently developed the "BREATHE FIBER" an improvement of the natural wool over the course of about six years.

Features of "BREATHE FIBER"

Does Mase Mouret
Originally Wool excellent hygroscopic, hard to stuffiness because it has moisture release.
It does not smell
Wool has the original function to absorb the smell of the original. "BREATHE FIBER" is the raw material we use wool, there is little that the deodorizing ability to fall even if the washing several times.
Pill is can be difficult.
It was unlikely to be the pill was a trouble of wool products by a special pressurized ⼯. In addition, it is hard to fade material.
Smooth and comfortable
A unique Shari feeling that I do not think wool, has realized the smooth touch.

SUPER SOX Development Story

Over the years of six years to eliminate the two major worries of the


It was solved the "stuffiness, smell" two big trouble
"Socks of genuine" was completed over the course of six years.

Social contribution of socks manufacturer is excellent in performance, to provide products that seems comfortable. 1998, make the "" socks real "president! Under the large word of command that ", to support the feet trouble is many businessmen of foot odor and stuffiness, socks making even continue to use do not fall deodorant effect began. Focus on creating "stuffiness-free environment", R & D department also study the material.

However, in order to make the stuffiness-free environment is the result that there is no one that can both function and quality of a material that already exists. To develop if it is not, the original decision, that was noted among to proceed with research, excellent moisture sorption, was yet with an antibacterial function and deodorizing function, excellent natural materials "wool" function was. Without reducing the strength, resolve the wool of disadvantages, such as shrink-tingling. Overcome in the study force the challenges of the most ⼤, finally cut off the odor generation mechanism from the original, Okamoto unique patented yarn "BREATHE FIBER (Breeze fiber) ※1" is I was born. President and in-house staff can be demonstrated that is not Niowa can have 5 days, successful commercialization of finally over the years of the six-year "SUPER SOX". As a functional legwear to eliminate the discomfort of the feet, to hit to break through the cumulative sales foot number 1,100 million pairs ※2.

Re-analysis of the voice from the customers in 2019, durability, sweat, was further up the fit
Change the material in the "NEW BREATHE FIBER ※1". It has grown to more satisfaction socks.

※ 1 Patent No. 3529371 ※ 2 2004 years - 2018 Okamoto Co., Ltd. shipments