Chairman’s Message

President Tetsuji Okamoto

my socks my style

Okamoto Corporation is a specialist manufacturer that designs and produces distinctive legwear for men, women and children. We have pursued the manufacturing of products that “minimize discomfort and provide comfort”, by focusing on our top priority, complete customer satisfaction.
Recently, given the change in business environments surrounding legwear, primarily by consumer buying behaviors and distribution structures, we believe that the importance of marketing-oriented manufacturing from the point of view of consumers has become even more important. Despite the large number of functionally-capable hosiery products, Japan has evidenced, relative to their overseas counterparts, a lack of branded sock offerings. At Okamoto, we feel moving forward, that Japanese socks brands need to make the transition “from entity-oriented ideas to situation-oriented ideas” in order to create new value through differentiated products that fulfill consumer needs.
Similar to our domestic business, the basic policy for our overseas business is to become a Corporation with global marketing capabilities that continually maintains an understanding of the consumer perspective. This also embodies the ideal management structure of the Okamoto Group.
While continuing to use our corporate philosophy and company creed as an anchor, we at Okamoto Corporation will continue to regularly take on challenges towards the vision of realizing our goal of “To become a marketing focused legwear manufacturer serving the International Marketplace.”

Tetsuji Okamoto

The Okamoto Philosophy

Continue to contribute to society through business
Work towards the prosperity of the business
and the happiness of Okamoto employees

Company Creed

Sincerity :Be sincere when providing customers with service
Creativity:Specialize in your work
Harmony:Work together as a single group to achieve goals