Environmental Initiatives

Environmental measures are becoming an ever increasing issue of importance for human society.
Okamoto Corporation has further increased its awareness of these conditions and its social responsibility, and will continue to work to further improve its communication with customers and regional societies and faith in the company by decreasing energy and raw material environmental burdens and carrying out environmental marketing of services.

Environmental Policy

We recognize the global environment that we have inherited from the past as something we are borrowing from future generations, and we promote business activities which take the environment in consideration in order to ensure that we can pass this environment on to our descendants in a sustainable condition.

1 Strive to continually improve our environmental management system and prevent pollution.
2 Strictly adhere to environmental related laws and other requirements to which our company has agreed.
3 Set the following items as priority environmental preservation issues.
1) Initiatives for reducing wasteful work (Promoting BPR) and reducing environmental burden.
2) Initiatives for promoting energy conservation and prevention of global warming.
3) Development of products which are environmentally and people friendly and initiatives for promoting technological development.
4) Initiatives for promoting the conservation of resources focusing mainly on product materials (including raw materials) and paper.
5) Initiatives for promoting separate management and reduction of waste and recycling of materials.
4 Promote education, training and development activities for environmental preservation.
5 Extensively cooperate with society and support regional community environmental preservation.

We have documented this Environmental Policy and thoroughly disseminated it to officers, employees and all the individuals who work for our company at our places of business, while also making it available to the general public.

Established September 1, 2008
Okamoto Corporation President
Tetsuji Okamoto

Environmental Activities

1 Environmental Enlightenment/Education

Okamoto Corporation periodically holds study sessions and promotes environmental education aimed at improving the environmental awareness and promoting understanding of each and every employee. We implement educational activities between divisions and offices through surveys on environmental awareness on the company intranet, eco-questionnaires and other means.


2 Energy Conservation and Reduction of CO2 Emissions

Okamoto Corporation has worked to reduce CO2 emission amounts since October 2008 with FY2007 as the base year. Company-wide or efforts include turning off and reducing unnecessary lighting, ensuring thorough management of air conditioning temperature settings, reducing standby power requirements, ensuring planned usage and eco operation of motor vehicles and switching to more energy efficient equipment.
This has resulted in an approximately 20% reduction at all of our offices and places of business through to 2012.
In addition, although some production was relocated overseas, we managed an approximately 30% reduction company-wide including our plants. We plan to continue promoting further reduction of CO2 emissions.

3 Utilization of Waste

photoOkamoto Corporation works towards the formation of a recycling society where waste becomes a new resource.
The waste yarn, defective products and other waste which is generated in the sock production process is recycled for use as RPF solid fuel which is used as an alternative to coal fuels, in mainly paper manufacturing companies.
We plan to continue promoting reduction of waste by instituting optimal measures aimed at the realization of a recycling society.