Quality Assurance

Okamoto Corporation establishes quality assurance labs and carries out quality assurance activities in order to ensure that we provide customers with safe and reliable products and earn customers satisfaction and trust.

Quality Policy

photoWe provide products that are capable of earning customer satisfaction and trust based on a policy of quality first.

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification

December 14, 2001Okamoto Hosiery (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

Quality Assurance Activities

1. Reinforcement of quality management through product testing

phtOkamoto Corporation has established product testing labs in 2 locations in Japan and China where we carry out product testing. Product testing and assessment is carried out in accordance with established product quality standards at the product testing labs. The labs also strive to ensure that all assessment and judgment is carried out with the customer point of view in mind.

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2. Improvement of product quality through factory audits

phtOkamoto Corporation carries out factory audits aimed at our own company’s factories and as well as affiliate factories once a year, providing assessments and instructions for improvements and corrections in order to not only maintain but improve quality.

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3. Textiles Evaluation Specialist (TES) certification

phtThe Textiles Evaluation Specialist (TES) certification is a qualification which certifies possession of basic knowledge and applied skills related to quality management for textile products supplied to consumers. We provide support for acquisition of the certification through study sessions and other means at our Japan and China bases to further improve safety and reliability through the cultivation of textile product specialists. The Okamoto Group has 81 members with the certification. (As of September 2019)